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Charter Reform
Donna Frye
Charter Reform

Financial Disclosure
Goldstone announces Internal Audit
had been discontinued

Sunroad Scandal
Aguirre accuses Mayor of overruling Building Inspector

2008 Election
Bidwell "outs" the Mayor

Frye with "Auditor Fox"

Frye's Reaction to
audit discontinuance

Aguirre accuses Sanders of secret meetings with Sunroad

Sanders on Managed Competition
Frye on Auditor

Atkins walks out of Audit Meeting

Sanders  defends himself and calls for an A.G. inquiry

Francis on Managed Competition

Francis on Auditor

McNally on achieving DPWG consensus

Mike Aguirre on Sainz/Kittle emai

Aguirre & Francis

Francis on
Mayoral Veto

Frye on DPWG
Budget Cuts
DeMaio blames outgoing Council
Davies and Millikin
Charter Reform

McNally on Aguirre's DPWG objections

Painter explains real cost of  deferring maintenance

Scott Peters
Charter Reform

Aguirre on DPWG

Peters suggests Pension Obligation Bonds and beach parking
Peters opposes Independent City Actuary
Council President

Various speakers
followed by the vote
Labor Issues
Goldsmith weighs in on 2009 labor negotiations
Pat Flannery
Charter Reform

Pat Flannery on inconsistency of voting for Hueso with "doorstep" promises

Aguirre on Impasse Procedures
Tony Young
Charter Reform

City Council approves Hueso's Committee Appointments
Pension Issues
Saathoff defends DROP interest rate
Steve Whitburn
Charter Reform
"Hillel" Issue
Murray Galinson weighs in for Hillel
Community Planning
Anderson on Community Plans
Kevin Faulconer
Charter Reform

Prof. Ross Starr refutes anti-Semitism suggestion - "it's about land use", he says


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