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Blog of San Diego was conceived by Pat Flannery at Election Central, Golden Hall, San Diego, California on election night November 2, 2004. Walking the floor of Golden Hall that evening it occurred to him that the political process was only dimly understood by most San Diegans.

The people in that great hall that night were either recent campaign workers now seeking jobs in government or hardened political professionals making business contacts for the next round of elections. The media folks were enjoying a target-rich environment. Brandishing microphones and notebooks they took turns interviewing eager smile-frozen politicians.

As the newly-elected office holders gazed at the big board, admiring their winning margins, you could see them being quietly surrounded by their new best friends, the clammy-fingered hard core lobbyists who would haunt their every waking hour for the next four years and introduce them to the real world of politics - the behind-the-scenes money and deal-making.

Meanwhile the folks at home were being treated to a torrent of platitudes pouring from important-looking newspaper columnists alongside preening TV anchors. San Diegans could go to sleep that night knowing that they lived in the Finest City in the Greatest Country in the history of mankind.

Why would anybody want to spoil that illusion? Why introduce reality?

As you read Blog of San Diego's supporting documents and watch selected video clips from City Hall, you realize that things are not always as the mainstream media report them. Much is going on behind the scenes that gets edited out for the sake of "journalistic balance". Thus, the so-called "media" gets to decide what people know and what they may never know.

The need for "Unfiltered News based on Source Documents", without intermediation, is stronger and more urgent than ever. Read the source documents I provide and learn how your government really works. More importantly, become involved. San Diego is your city.

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